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Offshore Wines began in 2017, when our good friends Christian Knott and Morgane Seuillot told us that we should import the first vintage of their wine, Domaine Dandelion, into California.


We think that they’re among the most passionate, and skilled, grape growers and winemakers  behind the age-old, now deservedly hip tradition of making wine naturally - wine made with no additives from naturally-farmed vines.


Just like our fridge at home, Offshore wouldn’t be complete without Charles Dufour (we call him Champagne Charlie). He makes deliciously elegant, complex, vinous natural wine (his has bubbles). We used to hand-carry his bottles home for occasions both big and small, and we’re pinching ourselves that we get to (legitimately) import his latest releases.


We love to drink the sh*t out of these wines, and we’re happier people for it; and we want to share this feeling - and these wines, these people, and their land - with anyone who is thirsty.

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