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Alex Fondren
Bridget O'Brien Dolfi
Creative Director

Meet Alex. Alex is a recovering wine marketer who can’t stop relapsing. She brings a unique perspective to Offshore Wines - she’s been a brand manager for a major international wine retailer and an account supervisor/media strategist for San Francisco’s top (yes, biased opinion) boutique wine marketing agency (she may have dabbled in journalism and politics before that but she doesn’t like to talk about that...until she does). The only thing she likes better than good wine is a great story and an even better producer behind it. Alex hails from both coasts of the US, has lived in Australia, Italy and she has a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, so she’s no stranger to offshore winds. In fact, she blames them for her obsession with fresh, salty offshore wines.

Meet Bridget. She studied studio art at Pomona College,

and after countless summers spent on misty Wexford beaches,

she retraced her Irish mum’s roots back home to get her MFA from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She stayed for years, photographing and cataloguing jewelry for Anthony Nicholas Group, and drinking a bottomless pint of Guinness.


She returned home to the Bay Area to do graphic design for

the San Jose Museum of Art. Today, she lives with her family

in Oakland, one block away from where she was born. Her husband is part of a multi-generational family of California

farmers. They named their daughter, Olive, after a bookmark inscribed “Olive You” under the image of a mouse hugging

an olive. At age 9, she’s just as salty as her name suggests.


Bridget discovered wine when she realized that there’s no

proper Guinness on the mainland, and her design aesthetic,

and personality, pair perfectly with Offshore’s fresh, sometimes spazzy, wines.

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